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I have a very large pool, a koi pond, and a canal in my back yard. I knew if I didn't try to have my son learn how to swim I could possibly be in big trouble one day. I was very nervous bringing my 10 month old son Noah to lessons. The first week was so hard for me to watch cause he cried a lot, and I cried even more. Brian was such a wonderful instructor. He cared so much that he came to our home that first weekend to work with me and my husband so that we could help with Noah's swimming. We had such a great time, and Noah was so happy swimming that I knew then that we shouldn't give up. We stuck it through, and my son is an amazing little swimmer and am so grateful to Brian and everyone at Aqua Child.
Posted by Samantha Lazarus BISCAYNE PARK, FL 11/05/2011
Brian far exceeded any expectations I had when enrolling my son in Aqua Child. I was in awe of the care & patience he demonstrated - at all times! Griff started out his first week very unsure of himself. By the end of the week, he was swimming on his own with confidence & a trust in Brian like I'd never seen before. There aren't enough words to express the gratitude I have for Brian who so simply encouraged Griff, on a daily basis, to succeed. And he definitely did!!! Brian taught my son, in 6 weeks, a skill that will save his life! I have told all of my friends about Aqua Child & will continue to highly recommend them to everyone. We plan on enrolling Griff again next summer. Thank you Brian & everyone at Aqua Child!!!
Posted by Mishel Saladino Miami, FL 09/19/2011
Splish, splash, dip, puff
Bubble, breathe, glide, pant
Swish, swash, dunk, gasp
Paddle, plosh, flip, cry
Wish, wash, kick, grin
Splash, splatter, dive, win
Whoosh, swooth, swim, smile
Swoosh, fish, glide, laugh.
Thank you for turning a dreaded activity into an enjoyable sport!
Posted by Anonymous North Miami, FL 08/26/2011
On August 23, 2007, after returning home from a beautiful family trip to Disney, our then four year old daughter had a near drowning accident in our backyard pool. We have a pool fence and there were many adults around in the yard. She was in the middle of learning how to swim with just the ordinary swim lessons that summer. We Are Extremely thankful and lucky to still have her in our life, however she did suffer a severe amount of brain damage and still remains in a coma with us at home. People take it for granted and think that this could never happen to my child. We thought the same. Most people will think, OH, if my child will fall in, I will hear it. Well, we can say drowning is what they call a "silent killer". Nobody heard my daughter when her accident happened. Statistically most drownings will occur between one year to five years of age. Two years went by and we received a flier from our older children's school about a swim program called "Aqua Child". We enrolled our then two year old daughter in the program. A few weeks later we were so impressed with the swimming and survival skills she learned. Brian, we can't thank you enough for doing such a wonderful job teaching our daughter to swim and survive in the water. It made a whole world of a difference and gave us peace of mind knowing that she didn't just have the swimming skills but survival as well. Today she is four years old and swims like a fish. Scotty, we couldn't wait to enroll our youngest daughter who is now ten months old in your program. She is on her fifth week and we can't believe she knows how to swim before walking. Thank you Scotty for teaching her the swimming and survival skills that is so very important to know. Thank you for having the patience to teach such a young child. We are looking forward to seeing her graduate soon.

Brian and Scotty are amazing swim instructors. Their knowledge and patience is incredible. If anyone wonders is this the right way to teach my child how to swim, Well we have to strongly say stop wondering and sign up today. This is the best and we think only way people should teach their children how to swim. It can really help to save lives. As a matter of fact we have a friend that came here with her kids to teach them to swim. She had an encounter with one of them and the skills they learned here help to save their life. The kid fell into a pool and was found lying floating on their back waiting for help to arrive.

Thanks again Brain and Scotty for teaching our children the skills they know and for making their learning experience a whole lot of fun.

Posted by Esther Davidsohn Schwab Miami Beach, FL 08/16/2011
I am blown away by the ability of your organization. Our daughter learned to swim the first week easily and now by the end she is diving into the water from the edge of our pool at home. We could not have asked for more! This program delivers on all it promises and I would highly suggest it to anyone. When our second daughter is born we will not wait nearly as long as we did with our first so she can become an aquachild even sooner. Thanks and thanks on behalf of our daughter Mayanne Fuller who now enjoys our pool more than ever, which is the way it should be for a child.
Posted by Jeff Fuller Miami Beach, FL 08/15/2011
While visiting from NYC, my 4 year old son took a one week class, and was swimming after the first day. A few months later, he took another 3 days of classes. He is swimming better than his friends that took a whole YEAR of classes at the YMCA! Brian and Scott are patient, kind and teach so that kids can learn. Thanks! And see you next time!
Posted by Naidre Miller New York, NY 08/14/2011
Thank you for all your patience, love and care in teaching Ella the safety skills she needs for the pool! We are beyond thrilled at how she has learned to float, turn, dive and swim thanks to you. She has gained incredible confidence and has a blast practicing her new skills. We will definitely be back for more!!
Posted by Sabrina Staub Brandt Miami Beach, FL 08/11/2011
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