aquagive was born from the belief that every child should have the opportunity to not only learn the skills necessary to survive in the water, but also to develop those skills into the ability to swim and enjoy the water.

Drowning... Roughly a million children die from drowning each year (surveyed by the World Health Organization) and drowning kills nine people per day in the U.S.

Diversity... African-American children drown at a rate that is 3.2 times higher than that of Caucasian children.

Fitness... 1 in 3 children in American is overweight, putting them at risk for heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and emotional pain.

  • Florida leads the nation in the drowning of children under age 5.
  • For each childhood drowning death there are four children hospitalized for near drowning incidents.
  • In 2006, 486 Florida residents drowned and another 313 were hospitalized for non-fatal drownings.
  • The cost of a single near drowning resulting in brain damage can be more than $5.5 million.
  • The total annual national cost of drowning among children under age 5 is approximately $3.5 billion.

*data source: Office of Vital Statistics, Florida Department of Health 2/4/2008

While there is no substitution for adult supervision, there are many layers of protection one can use in and around the water. At aquachild we believe that the skills we instill, with daily practice , provide your child the best last defense against accidental drowning.

aquagive is a program designed to teach underprivileged and special needs children what is commonly referred to as the Swim-Float-Swim method, also known as the Rollover Breathing method. Using this method, children will learn to swim with their head down and their eyes open, roll over and float on their backs when they need a breath, then, depending on their age and skill level, roll back over and continue swimming to safety. What makes learning to float on their backs rather than just treading water ideal is that once a child is on his or her back safely floating in the water, they can call out for help and avoid a potential tragedy.  Older, more experienced children can roll over from a float and swim to safety. The level of consistency involved in teaching this method also leads to increased self esteem and discipline that will lead to a lifetime of fun in and around the water. This is an experience every child deserves. Every child deserves to learn to swim and have fun. Every child deserves to be able to survive in the water.

Please make a donation to aquagive. Please give another child the opportunities you would give your own.

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I was really hesitant to send Ali to Aquachild, who at the time was about to turn 4, because I was afraid he would be traumatized by approaching swimming through the "survival" perspective. However two things happened, one was that no matter how much I tried he was just not learning to swim from me and two that one day at his friends birthday party where there was a pool he disappeared from my sight when we were inside the house for no more than a minute and when I ran outside he was standing by the pool scared because his friend had just accidentally fallen in. Luckily his friend knew how to swim. That day I knew I had to muster up the courage and I brought him to Brian who is just absolutely amazing, he is a "child whisperer" in the pool. Though Ali was terrified the first ...
Posted by Yadi biscayne park, FL
Published on 08/07/2015
Our daughter, Chloe, is our second child to have gone through the Aquachild program. Unlike our first child, Chloe cried everyday. However, Scotty showed the same amount of patience and love as he did with our first child. And best of all...the results were identical! Over a year after completing the 6 week program, Chloe took a week long refresher course with Scotty and she is a phenomenal swimmer! We were recently vacationing and there was never a time we were in the pool that people were not astounded by our kids' swimming abilities. At not even 3 years old, Chloe is a fish in the water and I am confident in her safety skills! Thank you Aquachild!!
Posted by Lauren Cantor Miami Beach, FL
Published on 06/24/2015