aquachild is a family owned and run business established in 2002 by Brian Lilburn and Scott Launer. After being trained and certified in 2001, Brian and Scott gave private at-home lessons until they found their home in North Miami Beach in the spring of 2002. In the 17 years since establishment, aquachild has successfully taught thousands of children, hundreds of adults and certified many instructors.

aquachild is run by a dedicated staff that strives to provide children with a unique, positive and rewarding experience in the water.

At aquachild we believe that every child should have the opportunity to learn to survive and have fun in the water using the unique method taught by our instructors.

Scotty Launer
Scotty Launer
WSI certified, First Aid and CPR certified

Born and raised in Miami, Florida I grew up on the water.
Boating, surfing, diving, from an early age, I knew when I had kids I wanted them to love the water as much as I do. In 1999, when my first child, Jaya, was born, I had heard about survival swimming lessons for infants but was unable to find any instructors in Dade County. Eventually, in 2001, when my daughter was 2, I finally found an instructor teaching out of her home.

Even during the first week, I was amazed at not only at Jaya's progress but what even the infants were able to do. Watching 10 month old babies swim and float independently was shocking to me. I had to learn how to teach this. Always having a passion for teaching and working with kids, I realized there was a need for more instructors teaching these life saving skills. After a little persuasion, our instructor told told me how to get in touch with my future mentor.

Now almost 14 years later with the thousands of students I've taught, I couldn't have found a more rewarding career. Being a positive influence, and empowering children is something that will never get old for me.

Laura Benitez-Launer
Laura Benitez-Launer
WSI certified, First Aid and CPR certified

After 10 years of assisting off and on in the office and in the pool, I completed the 200+hours training in the swim float swim method, beginning of 2011. Now, not only do I get to interact with new and long time clients in the office, but I get to make an impact on their kids lives as well.

Seeing our own kids so comfortable in the water... swim team, water polo, surfing, and scuba diving (Jaya is now scuba certified!) I fully appreciate the value of teaching the very lessons that enabled them to get to this level. Watching students progress and become so confident, I'm happy to know I've contributed to them being safer in the water and enjoying a lifetime of swimming.

Giana Garcia-Smith
Giana Garcia-Smith
WSI certified, First Aid and CPR certified (private at home lessons)

As a young girl, I was a water baby. I loved the ocean, boating, and especially swimming. I went to the University of Florida and graduated with a Bachelors degree in Recreation. Through my work experiences, I  learned that I enjoy working one on one with children. When I discovered this type of swim lesson, I knew it was a perfect fit for me. I'm a mother of two and the importance of my children's  safety around water is extremely important. I've been teaching since 2007 with over 200 hours of in water hands on training. I'm a certified Water Safety Instructor, First Aide and Adult/Infant CPR by the American Red Cross.

Nicholas Coard
Nicholas Coard
Lifeguard Certified WSI Certified First Aid CPR Certified Through Red Cross.

 Swimming since 4 years old. At 7 years old started swimming competitively.
 I worked as a lifeguard at Victory Pool for the past year.
 Swam for his country Grenada in 3 World Championship Games Rome 2009,
 China 2011 and Turkey 2012

I'm currently training for the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil
Looking forward to teaching our future Olympians!

First Aid, CPR Certified (private at home lessons)

Always having been a water person and passionate about the ocean and its creatures,
I started my diving career when I was 18. In 1997 I became an Open Water Dive Instructor
and travelled around the world teaching people how to dive. In 2009 my daughter, Maia, was born.
I also wanted her to love the water and be safe around it. When she was 18 months old, she started the program at Aquachild.
It was incredible to see her swimming progress. Loving to teach and amazed by the swim float swim method, I decided I had to learn.
And so, I completed over 200 hours of hands on training with Brian and Scotty, beginning of 2012. Since then I've been working at Aquachild.
Being able to share the same amazing results I had with my own daughter with other families is the best.
And knowing that I'm making a difference with something I'm so passionate about is really fulfilling!

My 18 month old daughter Gianna just graduated the initial program 2 weeks ago. And I can't thank Brain enough for teaching her skills that she will forever cherish as she splash around in the pool. My experience at aquachild has been amazing and unforgettable. I remember feeling so nervous for her on her first day of class, but amazingly by the fourth day she was already swimming with eyes open under water. After 6 weeks of hard work and dedication she was tossed in the pool fully clothed and like a mermaid she rolled on her back and floated. The job that Brian and his team do with so much patience and passion is just spectacular and admiring. So blessed to have found such an awesome swim school. Can't wait to start with the maintenance program!
Posted by MALANI R. Miami Beach , FL
Published on 08/18/2015
Brian far exceeded any expectations I had when enrolling my son in Aqua Child. I was in awe of the care & patience he demonstrated - at all times! Griff started out his first week very unsure of himself. By the end of the week, he was swimming on his own with confidence & a trust in Brian like I'd never seen before. There aren't enough words to express the gratitude I have for Brian who so simply encouraged Griff, on a daily basis, to succeed. And he definitely did!!! Brian taught my son, in 6 weeks, a skill that will save his life! I have told all of my friends about Aqua Child & will continue to highly recommend them to everyone. We plan on enrolling Griff again next summer. Thank you Brian & everyone at Aqua Child!!!
Posted by Mishel Saladino Miami, FL
Published on 09/19/2011